push play or guy fieri will destroy you
There's been a murder in Flavortown!!!!!

I, Guy fieri, grand mayor of Flavortown, will be hosting a murder mystery party ay my home. You are invited to attend this event and help solve the case of the untimely demise of none other than.... ME.

We will start the evening mingling with guests and enjoying some of my favorite appetizers: entire-ass burgers covered in liquid queso. After, we will join for dinner where the whole of the Chicken Guy menu will be available for you to try, including our 23 original dipping sauces: guaranteed to destroy your intestines.

After dinner, you will find me "dead" and it will rest on you to determine whomst among my guests is the murderer. I will utilize my masterful acting skills to play the best bloated corpse that I can, but you will have to forgive my occasional giggles as you stumble through my clues.